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Tips for your wedding hair

He's popped the question, you have said yes!
The date is confirmed, the reception and the church are booked and the wedding dress has been carefully chosen.

It's about this time that most brides start to think about their hair for the special day, so we have put together these tips to help.


Professional tips for your wedding hair...

The next most important thing on the agenda is something only the smart brides organise early, and that is - book the wedding hairstylist.

Your wedding hair is such an important factor in your overall wedding day look and should be towards the top of the "to do" list.
You have to do it, so do it early !!

There are many considerations to take into account when deciding on a wedding hairstyle.  Hair length and hair colour... will you wear it up or down and does the style work with your wedding dress?  We've put together some simple tips and advice on choosing your hairstyle and caring for your crowning glory!

Top Tip - start to plan your wedding hair early.
Book a consultations with an experienced wedding hairstylist to discover the possibilities and give you time to condition your hair in preparation.

Trial your chosen hairstyle several weeks before the wedding.
Your hair has got a big day ahead, it has got to look as good at the end of the evening reception as it did at the ceremony.  You must also feel comfortable wearing the style for several hours, and be sure that it will continue to compliment your total look.

If you plan to wear a veil or other head accessories...
...choose them carefully so that they co-ordinate with your chosen style.  Ideally, decide on a hairstyle before you choose your veil or headpiece, but if you have already made that decision, take them with you when you go for your consultation and hair trials.

Show the hairdresser a photograph of your wedding dress... that a style can be created that matches and works with the dress and not against it.

Once the bridal hairstyle has been decided...
...get your hair cut and coloured a couple of weeks before your wedding.  This will help you appear much more natural on the big day!


Whilst longer hair offers the most creative options and allows for more variations in style, a skilled hairdresser will be able to work well with all lengths of hair, so shorter hair will not be a problem.

Do's and Don'ts for the perfect wedding day hair

Do visit your wedding hairstylist several months before the wedding to set up a hair care regime.

Do follow your stylist's advice on the shampoo and conditioning schedule during the days leading up to the wedding.

Do prepare or ask your bridal stylist to provide an emergency hair kit for reception touch ups.

Don't wash your hair right before styling without checking with your bridal hairdresser... it may be too slippery to handle.

Don't colour your hair at home running up to the wedding day.  Plan your hair stratagey with your wedding stylist.  It's worth spending the few extra pounds to get the perfect hair colour and condition on your wedding day.

Don't overload your hair with product on your wedding day.  Certain type of products will make your hair difficult to work with.  Consult your stylist before you apply anything.


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