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What our Member Hairdressers think...

We are NOT a wedding directory selling you advertising and listing you alongside other hairstylists. This is a network of professional wedding hairdressers built upon 15 years of wedding hair experience.

Our aim is make it easy for a bride to find an experienced bridal hairdresser in her local area.

I've had a surprisingly high volume of leads from such a new venture including one for a bridal photo shoot whcih should gain me exclusivity with a new Chester Hotel!

In only 6 weeks I have managed to secure around 14 weddings... between your site and other outlets I'm linked on to.

After taking the Norwich website from Bridal Hairdressers UK in August 2010 I have been blown away with the enquiries I have had from being part of the network!

I joined the bridal hairdressers network because I though it would be a good way to generate new wedding hair enquiries for my business and the first enquiry that came through booked me as her wedding hairdresser.

I have recently joined the Bridal hairdressers network.  I did a lot of weddings last year but from the enquiries that I have received so far it looks like I will be doing a lot more.  I think The Bridal Hairdressing site is a very good way of connecting brides to hairdressers.  It helps them both out and I'm very pleased to be part of the network!

I joined Bridal Hairdressers in July 2010, and since joining I have received many wedding hair enquiries and bookings for 2010 and 2011, it has definitely increased my wedding hair business.  Before joining I was paying out far to much for advertising, and am now happy to say this network is reliable, reasonable and most effective, so I would recommend joining to other hairdressers who want to boost their wedding business.

Since joining the network my 'Blushing Brides' Hair & Make Up bookings have increased by at least 50%... making 2011 a very busy year for weddings, thank you!

Enquiries continue to come in.  As most of the enquiries are for 2011 we have to wait and see what happens next but already we have people book in for trial hair and we have had a spin off for our nail & beauty technicians too.... so far so good as we are getting a lot more exposure on the net.

Having just joined the Bridal hairdressers network for the Canterbury area, my first enquiry from the website turned into my first wedding booking for 2011.  I just want to say a huge thank you to the network and I look forward to receiving many more enquiries in the coming months.

I am emailing you to say how pleased I am with your bridal hairdressers network, im getting lots of bookings now especially this last week theres something coming through everyday, I'm really happy thank you, so glad you contacted me!

I have been doing wedding hair for many years, and I cannot believe how many enquiries are coming in. For such a low cost its great to have a professional website that is easily found on the internet by brides. This beats any form of advertising I have ever done!

I joined the network in the hope it would build up my reputation within the wedding industry.  It has done that and more, John has been a great help, very professional and friendly.  I have received around 20 weddings within the first couple of months.  I already have my own website and advertising but this has been a big boost.  I would recommend anyone to join the bridal network, they aren't asking for high fees and ripping people off, it's been a genuine help for my business and I am extremely grateful!

Well worth the £11.26 per month.  I pay a lot more with someone else and have had nothing in 8 months.  My diary is now brimming with work.


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